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Williamsburg’s rooftop water tower bar is finally here

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Grab a cocktail in a custom-built structure that pays homage to water towers

Ethan Covey

Intrepid urban explorers have been repurposing New York’s water towers for their own less-than-legal purposes—most often speakeasies and parties—for years, but thanks to a Williamsburg hotel, having a cocktail in one of those ubiquitous skyline icons just got much less illicit.

The Williamsburg Hotel has finally opened its Water Tower Bar, which was first announced back in 2015. And lest you’re worried about all of the unpleasantness than can be found in those old rooftop structures, take note: This bar was built anew and inspired by old water towers, rather than repurposing an old one. (The New York Post notes that it’s situated across the street from what was once the Rosenwach Water Tower Factory.)

The custom-built glass structure sits atop the hotel—it overlooks the rooftop pool—and its cushy interiors are kitted out in walnut and brass, with velvet couches and other sumptuous touches.

Liz Clayman

But a night out here won’t come cheap—according to Eater NY, cocktails start at $22, and the menu includes a $150 tequila-based libation, as well as a $525 caviar tasting. (“The idea is to start the 45-seat space as a cocktail bar and turn into a DJ-helmed nightclub as the evening progresses,” per Eater.)