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‘Fearless Girl’ permanently relocated to the New York Stock Exchange

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The statue has been relocated across from the New York Stock Exchange

State Street Global Advisors

Update: On Monday, December 10, the Fearless Girl statue made its way to its new home outside of the New York Statue Exchange. State Street Global Advisors and city officials were on site to unveil the statue at its new location.

Fearless Girl is officially on the move. The city, along with State Street Global Advisors (the firm that commissioned artist Kristen Visbal to create the statue), announced that work to relocate the bronze statue from Bowling Green Park on Broadway to her new home facing the New York Stock Exchange began last night.

Fearless Girl unexpectedly appeared on the scene in 2017, on International Women’s Day. Her position across from the iconic Charging Bull was meant to symbolize female empowerment and resiliency, while also calling for attention to the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards. While many were impressed with the statue, critics (most notably, Charging Bull sculptor Arturo Di Modica) wrote it off as a PR stunt for a huge financial firm, even questioning its true intentions.

Nevertheless, in February, the city decided that the bronze statue would get a permanent home and in April, it was announced that the new permanent location would be across from the New York Stock Exchange, “ensure that her message and impact continues to be heard,” said Mayor de Blasio.

The relocation is set to be completed before the end of the year, though the exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet.