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Cuomo’s agenda for 2019 includes legalized pot, rent reform

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Cuomo’s ambitious 20-point plan includes a $150 billion infrastructure plan and investments in affordable housing

In the first 100 days of his third term, Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning to push for the legalization of recreation marijuana, launch a $150 billion infrastructure plan, pass his congestion pricing plan, reform rent regulations to end vacancy decontrol and repeal preferential rent, among many other things in his ambitious 20-point agenda.

Cuomo’s push to legalize and tax the use of recreational marijuana has already garnered support from city and state officials and is expected to pass in Albany. The tax revenue from doing so could generate as much as $40 billion over the next ten years for subway repairs, though some folks are in favor of using the money to invest in black and Latino neighborhoods, reports the New York Times.

As for his infrastructure plan, this includes revitalizing the state’s bridges, train stations, and airports, most notably, JFK and LaGuardia airports, which are both in the process of receiving major overhauls.

Though Cuomo’s announcement doesn’t go into specifics, it’s stated that under his leadership, “New York will invest more in affordable housing than ever before” and will limit capital improvement charges to protect affordable housing and respect tenants’ rights. Meanwhile, back in October, housing, transit, anti-poverty, and racial justice advocates came together in support of congestion pricing, which could raise up to $1.7 billion for subway repairs.