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432 Park’s 95th-floor penthouse now split into two $41M listings

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The 95th-floor apartments first appeared as one full-floor unit

432 Park Avenue, PH95

While most of the uber-uber-pricey apartments at 432 Park Avenue (as in, the ones asking north of $50 million) have already sold, there’s one ridiculously expensive holdout: PH95, which first hit the market in 2016 for a cool $82 million. It’s stayed there ever since, even as other units (including a three-apartment combo unit that sold for $91 million) found buyers.

It was also among the units that developer Harry Macklowe chose to split into half-floor apartments, and now, listings for those two units—PH95A, asking $41.25 million, and PH95B, asking $40.75 million—have just appeared for the first time. Douglas Elliman’s Richard Steinberg, Shari Scharfer Rollins, Sabrina Saltiel, and J. Roger Erickson are repping both listings.

The two apartments aren’t very different, save for the price and which view you get (north or south). Both have three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms; both have a corner living room and windowed eat-in kitchen; both come with a library, and access to the building’s spate of posh amenities.

Even though 432 Park didn’t see a rash of pricey closings this year, it remains one of the best-selling buildings in the city’s history, with more than $2 billion in sales to date. (That could be usurped in the coming years, though, as 220 Central Park South and Central Park Tower inch closer to completion.)

432 Park Avenue

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