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Big reveal: $995K for a chic 1BR co-op on Park Avenue

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a 900-square-foot co-op that offers one bedroom, a full bathroom, and a powder room— is asking $995,000. Among the many guesses, it was Eulipian who managed to come up with the precise number.

Many commenters were inclined to assume that the apartment was going for over a million dollars, given its size and location along Park Avenue. The apartment’s other nice perks include an eat-in kitchen, built-in bookshelves, and a walk-in closet located within the bedroom.

Overall, there weren’t too many complaints regarding the layout of the space, though folks did agree that maintenance was a bit high along with a few other minor design choices.

“It’s quite nice, but one quibble I have is the over-sized sink cabinet in the en-suite bath that is snug up against the shower doors. There is no reason for that and it looks bad,” said Trilby16.

So now that you know the asking price, what do you make of it? Here is one more look at the floorplan: