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Two more sky-high 432 Park apartments are in contract

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The two units, on the 77th floor, could sell for a total of $68 million

A 432 Park Avenue condo that was one of the priciest homes sold in 2016 appears to have sold once again—and it could become part yet another pricey combo pad at the supertall skyscraper.

The unit in question, 77B, sold in 2016 for approximately $39 million to an anonymous LLC, which then re-listed it in December for $45 million. It’s barely been two months since then, but the apartment already has a buyer.

Per the listing (held by Corcoran’s Carrie Chang and Ben Elesh), the south-facing, B-line unit could, in theory, be combined with the A-line unit, which has north-facing views. Crucially, that apartment, 77A, was listed in November (with Corcoran’s Hilary Landis and Celeste Manice) for $23 million, and also went into contract last week.

Does this mean another combo unit is in the works? It’s hard to say for sure (we’ve reached out to Corcoran for more information), but there’s precedent. Take, for example, the most expensive sale of 2017: a $91 million combo at 432 Park Avenue, created from three units on the 92nd and 93rd floors. And plenty of other units have been combined into massive full-floor (or more) homes since closings began in 2016.

If the two units on the 77th floor were, indeed, combined, they would make one impressively large full-floor apartment spanning more than 8,000 square feet. (No. 77B is larger, with four bedrooms versus 77A’s three.)

Earlier this month, developers CIM Group and Macklowe Properties announced that the building has netted more than $2 billion in recorded sales, making it the biggest-selling New York City building of all time. If these two units go to the same buyer, it’d be getting the building off to a banner start in 2018.

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