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DDG’s Upper East Side tower gets hit with yet another lawsuit

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Local elected officials and community members are suing developers as well as two city agencies

DDG’s Upper East Side condo is once again mired in contention as local elected officials and community members make yet another push to prevent the project from moving forward.

According to Crain’s, elected officials along with community groups like Carnegie Hill Neighbors and Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts filed a lawsuit in late January against developers of the building along with the Department of Buildings and the Board of Standards and Appeals. In the suit, they accuse DDG of exploiting a section of the zoning code to circumvent height restrictions and they say the DOB and Board of Standards improperly allowed it.

“The loophole being abused here is just an example of what residents have endured from overdevelopment in our city,” said City Councilman Ben Kallos, who is one of the parties of the suit.

In summer 2016, developers were hit with a stop-work order from the DOB over a four-foot lot that DDG carved out on the property in order to allow for a taller building. After the stop-work order, DDG increased the lot’s size and the DOB allowed construction to resume. However, community members continued to express opposition and proceeded with their third appeal at the time.

This time around, a judge has denied a request to stop construction while the suit is pending and per Crain’s, the soon-to-be 32-story tower is now at the 16th story.

A spokesperson from DDG told Crain’s that the project has received “all required approvals from the DOB and is in full compliance with the city’s zoning regulations.” A hearing is pending.