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5 Pointz graffiti artists awarded $6.7M by federal judge

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This follows the jury’s verdict in November last year, which ruled in favor of the 21 artists who sued the developer

Max Touhey

Just a few months after a jury ruled that Jerry Wolkoff, the developer behind the 5 Pointz site, had illegally whitewashed the work of dozens of artists, the judge on the case has now settled on a compensation amount.

Federal judge Frederic Block awarded 21 artists a total of $6.7 million for their work that was painted over in 2013, before the building was eventually demolished, CBS New York reports.

In his verdict, the judge reportedly said that the owner of the site showed no remorse in destroying the work of the graffiti artists; he went on to add that he might have been more lenient had the developer waited to receive demo permits and removed the graffiti 10 months later than he did.

The trial over 5 Pointz began in October and lasted three weeks. At present, the site is being transformed into a massive residential project with 1,115 apartments spread out between a 48-story and 41-story tower respectively.