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Interactive installation that lets the public create light shows will debut in Midtown

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You’ll need to partner up for it to work

A new interactive public art installation is getting ready to make its way to Manhattan and it’s just the kind of stuff that Instagrammers go crazy for, so prepare to see it all over your feed.

Garment District Alliance.

The immersive installation, named Loop, will bring six large cylinders to the Garment District’s pedestrian plazas located between West 37th and 38th streets. The cylinders have lights and musical movies “inspired by 13 fairytales” but all of this is activated via public participation that requires team work.

Each cylinder has a lever and as two people work together to move the lever, its lights and sounds are activated to create an “animated flip book-style” display. The light patterns, speed of images, and tempo of the music are all determined by how fast participants move the lever.

Loop was created by artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeveuve and has been on display in Canada’s Quartier des spectacles in Montreal.

It will make its debut on Broadway this Friday, February 16. In the meantime, here’s a look at how it works: