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Upper East Side mansion sells for $90M, after selling for $79.5M last year

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This troubled mansion was once owned by the Wildenstein family

An Upper East Side mansion that sold for a whopping $79.5 million less than a year ago, has sold again, for a princelier sum. The Real Deal reports that the limestone mansion at 19 East 64th Street, once owned by the Wildenstein family, has sold for a staggering $90 million.

The Chinese conglomerate HNA purchased it from the Wildenstein family last April but decided to quietly put it back on the market due to financial troubles the company is facing, according to TRD. HNA was planning to use the mansion, which is technically a commercial property, as offices, but that’s obviously no longer the case.

The Beaux Arts-style mansion has had a troubled few years; the Wildensteins were in talks to sell the mansion to Qatar back in 2013, but that deal, valued between $90 and $125 million, eventually fell through.

In early 2017, the mansion was at the center of a lawsuit lobbed by billionaire Len Blavatnik, who claimed he’d made a $79 million handshake deal with David Wildenstein to acquire the property, which was asking $100 million at that time. A judge dismissed that lawsuit, and the mansion eventually sold to HNA.

Property records list the new owner only as a Delaware based LLC known as East 64th Street Property Holdings LLC, but sources told the New York Post that the buyer is none other than Blavatnik, who also owns a townhouse at 15 East 64th Street.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for this mansion next.