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Share your commuting horror stories for a new Riders Alliance campaign

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Share your commuting horror stories, win a chocolate MetroCard

New York City Subway Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Discussing your day’s dreadful commute has become a go-to conversation topic for many New Yorkers, but enduring a particularly awful subway ride doesn’t get you much beyond bragging rights.

But the Riders Alliance, a transportation advocacy organization, wants to change that: The group has launched a new initiative called Worst Commute of the Week, which is exactly what it sounds like. Riders who’ve suffered through especially painful trips can share their commuting horror stories (via Facebook, Twitter, or the Riders Alliance website) in 100 words or less, and the group will pick the worst one each week. The “winner,” as it were, will receive a chocolate MetroCard.

It’s a cute idea, but one with a purpose: The Riders Alliance is collecting these terrible commute stories in order to present them to the state legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo in an effort to get lawmakers to take the deterioration of the subway system more seriously. The group will send commuters’ horror stories to lawmakers “until the governor enacts a sustainable, progressive long-term plan to fund the modernization of the subway,” per a press release.

And hey, people are already tweeting up a storm about their crappy commutes—may as well channel that frustration into doing some good.