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Big reveal: $725K for a spacious, renovated Upper East Side 1BR

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Nest Seekers International.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a bright Lenox Hill co-op measuring 888 square feet— is asking $725,000. Many of the guesses were within close range of the actual price but ultimately, it was only A_Aron who guessed the precise amount.

The apartment is situated on the 15th floor of a 19-story co-op building at 440 East 62nd Street. For the most part, people were satisfied with the space but felt like its location put the apartment at a disadvantage. “I really like this one. The drawbacks being no real foyer or no real dining room, but the rooms are a good size. But if its far from the subway then I won’t be buying it,” said acfs.

The tram is located about five blocks away, but if you’re looking for the nearest subway station, you’ll have to trek to Lexington Avenue and 59th Street.

So knowing the price, what do you think of it? Here’s another look at the space: