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New Yorkers brace for a hellacious subway commute over Presidents Day weekend

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Over a dozen lines will experience services changes over the long weekend

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Brace yourselves for a hellacious subway commute this Presidents Day weekend with many train lines skipping stops due to track maintenance or track replacement work. As part of its emergency action plan, and Hurricane Sandy-related work in the Clark Street tunnel, the MTA will be carrying out a bunch of repair work over the long weekend.

Here’s a full breakdown of how every line will be impacted this weekend:

  • There are no 1 trains in either direction between 96th and 242nd Streets starting at 11 p.m. tonight until 5 a.m. on Tuesday, February 20. In addition, Uptown 1 trains will skip 50th, 59th, 66th, 79th and 86th Streets. For commuters above 96th Street, the MTA is providing free shuttle bus service along four different routes.
  • There is no 2 and 3 service between Manhattan and Brooklyn as part of ongoing repairs; Downtown 2 trains run local between between 96th Street and Times Square 42nd Street. Uptown 2 trains skip 50th, 59th, 66th, 79th and 86th Streets.
  • 3 trains are not running over the weekend.
  • 4 trains will run every 16 minutes between 125th Street and Woodlawn; in addition 4 trains will run local between 125th Street and Brooklyn Bridge, and Woodlawn bound 4 trains will skip 161 St, 167 St, 170 St, Mt Eden Av and 176 St.
  • 5 train service will be replaced by 2 trains between Dyre Ave. and East 180th St. and 5 trains will run local in both directions between 125th St. and Grand Central-42nd St.
  • Uptown and Downtown A trains will skip 50th St, 23rd St. and Spring St.; in addition, there no A trains between Howard Beach-JFK and Mott Ave. and no shuttle service between Broad Channel and Beach 90th St.
  • Uptown and Downtown C trains will also skip 50th, 23rd, and Spring Streets.
  • Jamaica Center bound E trains will skip Spring St., 23rd St., 75th Ave., and Briarwood.
  • Coney Island bound D trains skip 174-175, 170, 167, 161 and 155 Sts., and Union St, 4 Av-9 St, Prospect Av and 25 St. Norwood bound D trains make local stops at 25 St, Prospect Av, 4 Av-9 St and Union St.
  • Jamaica bound F trains 75 Av, Briarwood and Sutphin Blvd; F trains skip Bergen St, Carroll St and Smith-9 Sts in both directions; and Coney Island bound F trains run via the E line from Roosevelt Ave. to Canal St. and on the A line to Jay St.-MetroTech.
  • There are no M trains between Essex St. and Broadway Junction; M shuttle trains run every 20 minutes between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs.
  • Coney Island bound N trains run express from Canal St to Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, and from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to 59th St. (in Brooklyn); there are no N trains between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square-42nd St,; and Manhattan bound N trains are making local stops at 53, 45, 25 Sts, Prospect Av, 4 Av-9 St and Union St.
  • Q trains are running local in both directions between 57 St-7 Av and Canal St.
  • There is no R service between Whitehall St. and 59th St., Brooklyn; Bay Ridge bound R trains express from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to 59 St, Brooklyn; and R trains skip 5 Av/59 St, Lexington Av/59 St and Queens Plaza in both directions.
  • There are no J trains between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center.
  • There are no G trains between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Church Av Service; trains are running in two sections between Court Sq and Bedford-Nostrand Avs, and between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Hoyt-Schermerhorn, every 20 minutes.

Be sure to visit MTA Weekender before you venture out on the subway this weekend!