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Governors Island’s 2018 City of Dreams Pavilion is here

Oculi will bring relics of New York’s industrial age to Governors Island

Iby Austin+Mergold in collaboration with Maria Park (Cornell) andconsulting engineers Chris Earls (Cornell) and Scott Hughes (Silman)

This year’s City of Dreams Design Competition will bring silos to Governors Island. After a period of deliberation, the competition’s nonprofit organizer FIGMENT, along with a handful or architecture and engineering organizations, have chosen Austin+Mergold’s proposal Oculi as this year’s featured design.

Oculi will repurpose disused grain silos from upstate New York. On Governors Island, these relics of the industrial age will be elevated to create different shadow patterns. The interiors of the silos will be painted different shades of New York sky blue, meaning at certain times of day as viewers traverse the installation the interior of the silos will match the sky.

The competition aims to promote sustainably-minded thinking in the architecture and design communities by requiring architects and designers to create a sustainable design by reusing materials. At that, the silos used in this year’s competition will be reconstructed as an experimental housing cluster in central New York when the installation is deconstructred.

Oculi will be on view—assuming it gets funded—throughout the 2018 summer season.

Governors Island

, Manhattan, NY 11231