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William Randolph Hearst’s rumored Manhattan penthouse reappears for $22M

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere purchased the penthouse for $18 million in 2015

Rich Caplan/CORE

The glorious penthouse of 91 Central Park West that’s rumored to be the onetime home of William Randolph Hearst is on the market again, just two short years after selling to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. The Wall Street Journal had the scoop.

Legere purchased the regal oak-clad penthouse for $18 million in October 2015, and soon after starting sniffing out approvals from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to incorporate the building’s roughly 2,246 square feet of rooftop space into the penthouse spread. The deal never went through, but Legere’s legwork could benefit a buyer if they’d like secure the rooftop space.

As it is, the penthouse has a wrap-around terrace that overlooks Central Park. A second floor tower library with 14.5-foot ceilings features a wet bar and stained glass windows. That intricate glasswork carries throughout the apartment’s lower floor, as does the resplendent carved wood decoration.

The apartment is now seeking $22 million with CORE’s Heather McDonough Domi and Henry Henry Hershkowitz. As for Legere, an extended contract that’s keeping him in Seattle has thwarted his plans for the grand residence.

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