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Is this what Rafael Viñoly’s Upper East Side condo on stilts will look like?

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The 32-story condo will bring 83 new apartments to the Upper East Side

Via Rafael Vinñoly Architects

Though there hasn’t been any significant construction progress at the site of Rafael Viñoly Architects’s Upper East Side condo, YIMBY has now scored what it claims to be the first rendering for that project located at 249 East 62nd Street.

Viñoly’s firm declined to comment on the rendering, so we’ll just have to take it as speculation for now. The rendering is worth paying attention to nonetheless since it gives a first real visual sense of what this “building on stilts,” might look like.

Many Upper East Side residents came out in opposition to this project last December on the grounds that it was artificially boosting its height. As plans stand right now, the building will have retail and residential space up to floor 12; floors 13 through 16 will be mechanical space, except for floor 15, which will have the building’s amenities; floors 17 through 29 would have three apartments per floor, and the building would end with three additional floors of mechanicals at the top.

In all, the building would have 32 stories, top our at 510 feet, and bring 83 apartments to the neighborhood. Apartments here will average 1,200 square feet, and the retail portion will measure just under 2,600 square feet. Amenities announced so far include a wine tasting area, a pantry, and a media lounge. There’s no word yet on when construction will wrap on the condo.