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NYC’s unseasonably warm temperatures sets a new record

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Today’s temperatures soared into the high 70s, setting a new all-time record for the month of February

New York City is getting a sneak peak at Spring and today brought welcomed temperatures so warm that it set an all-term record for the month of February.

The National Weather Service reports that temperatures in Central Park reached a high of 76 degrees, shattering the former record of 68 degrees that was set on February 21, 1930. Warm weather also set new records in Newark, reaching a high of 78 degrees.

Enjoy the warm weather while it’s here because after today, temperatures are expected to drop. According to the National Weather Service, tomorrow’s high is expected to be a mere 43 degrees with an 80 percent chance of rain while the rest of the week will also only hover in the mid 40s and 50s with rain throughout. The next warmest day will be on Sunday, when temperatures rise to a high of 56 degrees.

So get out and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather while there’s still some time left because after today, the cold comes back to play.