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Big reveal: $895K for a renovated Chelsea co-op with lots of exposed brick

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Did you guess correctly?

Via Halstead

In this week’s Pricespotter we asked you to guess the asking price on a one-bedroom Chelsea co-op, and while no one quite nailed the right answer, two of our commenters came very close. Both Eulipian and modmother guessed $5,000 below and above the asking amount of $895,000, respectively.

Since we told you that the apartment is a block and a half away from the High Line, and close to three subway lines, many of our commenters suggested that the apartment could be on 23rd Street—and they were right! One of our commenters actually guessed that it was between Eight and Ninth Avenues on West 23rd street, and rightfully so with the building having the address of 356 West 23rd Street.

Some commenters also wondered if the apartment was a walk up, and it is in fact a third-floor walk up that’s part of a five-story building that was built in the early part of the 20th century. The third floor one-bedroom is one of 27 in the building, and residents here have access to amenities like a planted garden, a laundry room, and common storage area.

As for the apartment overall, our commenters had a mixed reaction to the exposed brick in the unit. There seemed to be a consensus against the exposed brick in the living room, but there wasn’t as much opposition to the one in the bedroom. That’s a wrap for this week’s Pricespotter.