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Expansive, gadget-filled Soho loft with a hidden cat tunnel returns for $17M

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The owner custom-designed almost every inch of the space

This 4,800-square-foot Soho loft isn’t quite ready for the Pricechopper hall of fame, but it’s certainly been on a pricing roller-coaster for the past few years. It first listed in 2015 for a whopping $23.25 million, and has gotten several price cuts (and broker switches) since then. Now, it’s landed at $16.95 million, and is listed with Susan Meisel of Meisel Real Estate.

The seller, art consultant Sara Tecchia, told the Wall Street Journal back in 2015 that she designed almost everything in the renovated space herself—“the space is the art,” in her words. Some of its more dramatic flourishes include a powder room with a color-changing wall, lit by LED lights; a custom-designed bed setup with two twin beds that can combine into one; and a motorized headboard in the master bedroom that rotates depending on which side the inhabitant wants to face—fireplace, or windows.

Also, there are hidden cat-sized tunnels, “so her three cats could go from the kitchen to a litter box in the pantry,” per the WSJ. (Any cat owner will tell you—that’s pretty cool.)

Aside from all those high-end touches, the space has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, plenty of closet space, an enormous living room, huge arched windows, and a 550-square-foot terrace. Techy amenities include a Sonos sound system, motorized lighting, and automated lighting and temperature zones.