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Judge rules stockbroker must vacate his ill-gotten affordable Chelsea apartment

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David Sans is one of many high income-earning New Yorkers living in apartments for low-income renters

Last year, an audit conducted by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli revealed that around 160 renters earning annual incomes over $100,000 were living in apartments designated for low-income New Yorkers, as of December 2015. Among them was stockbroker David Sans, who scored a $722/month apartment in Chelsea after claiming to have a salary $24,725 despite reporting annual income as high as $456,502. After being outed, Sans put up a fight to keep his discounted pad but The Real Deal reports that a judge has now ruled that he must move out.

A court determined that Sans did not provide a valid explanation as to why his income had increased exponentially from when he first applied for the apartment to when he came up for recertification, thus prompting him to provide a tax return that revealed his six-figure salary.

Douglaston Development, who owns the Chelsea tower where Sans lives, accused him of breaching his lease when he allegedly provided false statements to prove he had a qualifying low income. However, Sans and his attorney claim that since Douglaston didn’t issue a “notice to cure,” he cannot be evicted on grounds of violating his lease. The judge wasn’t buying this argument and ordered in favor of the building owners.