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One Vanderbilt construction is already ahead of schedule

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Construction on the building could reach the 30th floor by the end of the year

Photos by Max Touhey.

One Vanderbilt is a long way from looking like its rendering but construction on the soon-to-be 1,401-foot skyscraper has made a significant deal of progress since kicking off last summer, putting it ahead of schedule for its anticipated completion date.

When we last checked in, the building had managed to secure a few stories under its belt and had begun to obscure the Grand Central Terminal’s western facade. In the days since then, the building has grown to the ninth floor and construction is getting ready to pick up momentum. Once the project reaches the 13th floor, things will pick up pace and developers are aiming to install three floors per month so that by the end of the year, the building will have reached the thirtieth floor. Construction workers have been averaging two floors a month thus far.

Once complete, the tower will stand 58 stories high and will feature more than 30,000 square feet of amenities along with a public observation deck that will be one of the highest in the city, standing at 1,020 feet above ground.

Kohn Pederson Fox is the architect of record and SL Green is developing the tower.

Construction is slated to wrap up by 2020.

Photos by Max Touhey.

One Vanderbilt

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