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Roseland Ballroom-replacing Midtown skyscraper now looks like its renderings

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The rental building is due to welcome residents sometime this year

It’s been a little more than six months since the residential building at 242 West 53rd Street—dubbed ARO, but better known as the tower rising from the ashes of Roseland Ballroom—topped out, and in that time, the structure has made major progress.

Installation of the building’s facade is moving right along, and as a new batch of site photos from NyConstructionPhoto shows, the building is beginning to resemble its renderings. The structure, designed by CetraRuddy, is a more than 700-foot-tall glass tower with a latticed facade made from white steel. The idea, according to the developers, is to have apartments that “capture views on all sides.”

The 62-story building is due to be home to more than 400 rentals when completed, and occupancy is expected sometime this year (though a timeline for leasing has yet to be revealed). It’ll also have 40,000 square feet of amenities (both indoor and outdoor), along with ground-floor retail.

Roseland itself went out with a bang in 2014 with a series of shows by Lady Gaga; it was gutted not long after, and construction on the new building began nearly three years ago.

A rendering of the finished building.
Binyan for IF Studio