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On Staten Island, 160 affordable apartments for seniors are up for grabs

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The units are the most recent development in a senior-living renaissance on Staten Island

Magnusson Architecture and Planning

In the latest development for the senior living renaissance occurring adjacent to Staten Island’s Greenbelt parks system, 160 newly constructed affordable units have entered the affordable housing lottery on the campus of Seaview Hospital.

The apartments at Seaview Site C will be spread over two five-story residential buildings, totalling 140,000 square feet which will be “connected by underground amenities,” according to developer Douglaston Development. Magnusson Architecture and Planning is designing the buildings.

Douglaston is also working on an affordable building on the Grand Concourse that’s currently accepting lottery applications.

Unlike many of the city’s other affordable lotteries, the only households eligible for Seaview Site C units will be low-income, with eligible applicants a maximum of $38,200 in a household of two people. All eligible residents will pay 30 percent of their income and must be qualified for Section 8. Only households with at least one member who is 62 or older qualify.

There are 82 studios and 78 one-bedrooms divided between two income brackets, as well as one resident manager’s unit. Amenities include an indoor common area, outdoor patio, laundry room, and 161 at-grade parking spaces. Current New York City residents will receive a general preference for apartments, and a percentage of units is set aside for mobility-, vision-, or hearing-disabled applicants. Those eligible and interested in applying for the units can find more information at NYC Housing Connect, and applications, which are due by April 5, can be submitted online or by mail.

The lottery opening comes as the adjacent and abandoned New York Farm Colony—a sprawling, landmarked, 19th-century community for the poor—undergoes redevelopment to become the Landmark Colony, a senior-targeted residential community.