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Upper East Side’s ‘ugly duckling’ townhouse returns for $26M

A major redesign would probably be beneficial

Photos courtesy Terra Nova.

The gaudy townhouse, located at 7 East 69th Street and once dubbed an “ugly duckling” by the New York Times has found itself once again on the market. Since we’ve last covered, the mansion has shaved a few million off of its $29.9 million asking price and is looking to unload for $25.9 million.

The six-story abode was built in 1984 with interiors that have never really done much to make the home all that appealing. In 2012, it managed to sell for $16 million but by 2015, it was back on the market with a mind-boggling $29.9 million price tag and not much by way of a makeover.

As for the layout, there are six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms spread across a whopping 7,600 square feet of space, along with features like an elevator, an “Old World-inspired library” with built-in bookshelves, two wood-burning fireplaces, and two rooftop terraces with views of Central Park. The home is also bedecked with marble floors, ornate wallpaper, gold moldings, and very decorated bathrooms.

Will the extravagant abode manage to find a buyer willing to drop nearly $26 million? If so, let’s hope they have a decorator lined up.