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ODA New York’s ‘European Village’ inspired Bushwick rental takes shape

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The norther portion of this massive development is now mostly clad in its facade

Via Field Condition

A day after we got a peek at ODA New York’s colorful Bushwick rental at 10 Montieth Street, construction site photos by Field Condition are now offering us a look at the architecture firm’s “European Village” inspired rental, nearby.

This massive development, which will bring between 800 to 900 apartments to Bushwick, spans two city blocks, and formerly housed the Rheingold Brewery. Developed by All Year Management, the project will measure 1 million square feet and be comprised of two structures connected by a mix of courtyards, and common spaces that will have coffee shops, art galleries, and fitness areas, among other features.

From Field Condition’s photos of 123 Melrose Place, the official address for the project, we can see that the northern portion of the project is now clad in its grey brick facade along with some sections of the bright-red cross-bracing that was first seen in one of the renderings for the development.

Via ODA New York

The southern portion of the overall project has topped out, and facade work will soon get underway there as well. This rental development is still on track to wrap construction later this year.

The southern portion of the site.
Via Field Condition