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A Bronx co-op that’s asking less than $200K—at the end of the 1 line

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Pro: cheap! Con: think about that commute.

Via Compass

It’s no secret that the further you go away from New York’s central business districts—Midtown Manhattan, the Financial District, Downtown Brooklyn, and the like—the better real estate deals you’ll find. Take, for example, this apartment in the Bronx: It’s asking just $167,500, a figure that’s unimaginable in most of Manhattan or Brooklyn. (Monthlies come in at $460.03.)

The apartment itself is billed as a junior one-bedroom, and the photos show a big, bright living space with a pullman-style kitchen in one corner, and the bedroom area on the other side. There’s not a lot going on in the space; the kitchen appears to have been recently updated, and the bathroom is perfectly functional.

So where is this located, exactly? At the very end of the 1 train in Fieldston, off the Van Cortlandt Park–242nd St stop. Granted, the building is a stone’s throw from the subway station and Van Cortlandt Park itself, but it’d be quite a commute to and from Midtown.

The listing notes that a minimum 20 percent down payment would be necessary to secure this place, meaning a buyer would need about $33,000 on hand—not an unreasonable ask for those who’ve been saving up to buy their own place.

Let’s assume that you’re in the market for an apartment, and this otherwise ticks off all of the boxes—would you sacrifice convenience for a budget-friendly pad? Chime in in the comments.

The current listing, via Compass’s Daniel Wright, doesn’t have a floorplan; here’s one from another unit in the F line for comparison: