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New look at Pier 57 as Google takes over former Bourdain Market spaces

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Google’s planned expansion at Pier 57 comes just days after news broke that it was buying Chelsea Market

Via RXR Realty.

Anthony Bourdain may have backed out of Pier 57, but Google is coming to the rescue. Just days after news broke that Google was set to purchase the Chelsea Market building in order to expand its NYC footprint, Crain’s now reports that Google is also looking to take on more space at the Pier 57 development.

Google had already agreed to lease 250,000 square feet at the development but is now looking to add 70,000 square feet of offices and 50,000 square feet of community-based functions like public outdoor space, educational programs, and cultural events, according to Crain’s. Google is also looking to add a ferry landing at the site, but needs approval from the Hudson River Park Trust for all of the above, for the expansion deal to be finalized.

The news of Google’s expansion at Pier 57 is also accompanied by a rendering for the project. When we checked in with the site last year, construction was still moving along on schedule. With Bourdain Market now gone, the food hall will shrink from 140,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet.

In addition, there will be 20,000 square feet of retail and restaurants on the ground floor, and a rooftop restaurant as well. Construction on the RXR Realty and YoungWoo & Associates-developed project is set to wrap toward the end of next year.