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Union Square’s tech hub gets community board approval

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The board also called upon the city to set zoning protections that would prevent overdevelopment


Last night, Community Board 3 voted to approve a land use application that would allow for the creation of the proposed Union Square Tech Training Center at 124 East 14th Street, where a P.C. Richard & Son store once resided, reports the Lo-Down.

The vote follows a February 9th vote where the board’s land use and economic development subcommittees voted to approve the 21-story commercial project, despite opposition from some local residents who feared that without zoning protections, the tech hub could pave the way for overdevelopment.

During last night’s vote, the board urged the city to begin the process of rezoning the area to allow the tech center to rise but also requested that they consider excluding “certain groups” like hotels and big box stores from being able to build in the neighborhood as a result of the rezoning. Per the Lo-Down, the board also requested that the city incentivize affordable housing.

The Community Board 3 vote was the first step in the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). The Manhattan Borough President will now review the application before sending it off to the City Planning Commission and then the to the New York City Council for a deciding vote.