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SHoP’s skinny Midtown supertall is halfway to the top

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The building now stands just over 700-feet tall and will eventually rise to 1,428 feet

Andrew Campbell Nelson via YIMBY

Midtown’s skinny supertall designed by SHoP Architects has now reached halfway to the top, YIMBY reports. The building is currently a little above 700 feet, and will eventually soar to 1,428 feet.

When we last checked in with the building, the development had reached its 30th floor. Prior to that, we saw the building being fitted with its alluring bronze and terracotta facade.

The JDS and Property Markets Group-developed condo will eventually have just 60 apartments spread out over 82 floors. The project will span 400,000 square feet overall. The world’s skinniest skyscraper has yet to launch sales but according to YIMBY apartments here will range from $15.5 million and go up to $59 million. The developers are hoping for a $1.45 billion sellout at the development.

After successfully fending off legal troubles last year, the project has been moving steadily toward the finish line, though it will still be a couple of years before the building wraps construction.