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New York schoolchildren once again give NYC Ferry vessels the best names

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All aboard the Ocean Queen Rockstar!

Max Touhey

Boaty McBoatface may never become a reality, but thanks to New York City students, new NYC Ferry vessels will soon be cruising the East River with utterly delightful names like Spring Mallard and The Ocean Queen Rockstar (!!!).

Following the success of last year’s competition to name the inaugural fleet of ferry boats—which led to the christening of Lunchbox, Friendship Express, and McShiny, among other amazing names—the city once again turned to kids to name NYC Ferry’s 10 incoming vessels, which will be out on the water soon. The winning names were nominated by students at eight different schools across the city, including P.S. 102 in Brooklyn (which came up with a clever play on words with Seas the Day), and Far Rockaway’s P.S. 197, responsible for the aforementioned Ocean Queen Rockstar.

The full list of nautically-inspired—and wonderfully creative—names is as follows: Seas the Day, Unity, Golden Narrows, The Ocean Queen Rockstar, Rainbow Cruise, Starlight, The Jewel of The Harbor, Spring Mallard, The Atlantic Compass, and Traversity.

“Every one of these NYC Ferry boat names have swagger and panache—and these students and their schools should be incredibly proud,” deputy mayor Alicia Glen said in a statement. We couldn’t agree more.

And now, a heartwarming photo of children who are excited about the power of civic engagement: