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How to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade from the comfort of home

If you don’t want to venture to Midtown on St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how to livestream the parade

256th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take over Midtown and the Upper East Side today, and for those who want to experience the bagpipe-soundtracked spectacle live and in person, you can find the parade route and details on how to get there right here.

But for those who’d prefer not to be in Manhattan tomorrow—and given the crowds (the parade organizers say that “millions” come to watch the parade) and the fact that public drunkenness is very likely to be A Thing—there is a way to check in on the festivities without leaving your couch.

The parade will be broadcast on NBC beginning at 11 a.m., right when the kickoff begins at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue; for those without cable, it’ll also be streaming live on NBC New York’s website.

EarthCam also has its Fifth Avenue livestreaming camera, which is trained, conveniently enough, on the corner of 50th Street near St. Patrick’s Cathdral—that’ll be a huge hub of activity on Saturday.

Curious to see the action? Here’s another livestream via Channel90TV: