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Coney Island’s historic boardwalk could become a NYC landmark

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s chair said the boardwalk could be designated this spring or summer

An effort to landmark Coney Island’s historic boardwalk finally seems to be paying off. The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission will likely designate the iconic walkway sometime this spring or summer, Crain’s reports.

The Commission’s chair, Meenakshi Srinivasan, made the announcement about the boardwalk at a meeting on Thursday. Regardless of the boardwalk’s status, it will still have to go through the standard landmarks application procedure to be designated. The Commission will first vote to put the boardwalk on its calendar of items, hold a public hearing on it, and then vote to designate it.

The first real push to landmark the walkway took place in 2014, but the Landmarks Commission declined to do so at the time. The local City Council member representing the area, Mark Treyger remained unwavering in his focus, and continued to push for the boardwalk’s landmarking in subsequent years. His efforts, and those of local residents and preservationists finally seem to be paying off.

The boardwalk, which stretches from West 37th Street to Brighton 14th Street, first opened in 1923 and was named Riegelmann Boardwalk and named after politician Edward J. Riegelmann.