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Jonathan Safran-Foer’s dreamy Brooklyn townhouse sells at a discount

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Rich Caplan

Jonathan Safran-Foer’s latest real estate undertaking has come to a close: City records show that the Everything Is Illuminated author’s Brooklyn townhouse—a stunner if there ever was one—has finally sold, though at a bit of a discount from its last listing price.

A bit of backstory: Safran-Foer bought the home at 374 Pacific Street in Boerum Hill—which was once kept in such poor shape that the neighbors were gifted $1 million for suffering through its ex-owner’s severe neglect of the property—in 2014 for $5.4 million.

After three years and one rather stunning kitchen remodel, he listed the property for $10.5 million, but it sold for a good chunk less than that. After a price cut (and a broker switch—it was last listed with Nest Seekers’ Ryan Serhant), the sale closed at $7.9 million. It sold to an LLC with the ultra-bland name 374 Pacific Holdings—though The Real Deal reports that Serhant himself is the buyer.

The eight-bedroom house has plenty of swoon-worthy details spread out over nearly 8,000 square feet, including a wood-burning fireplace, huge windows, a three-story atrium, and custom-designed decorative details in the kitchen and bathroom.

Here’s the floorplan one more time: