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5 NYC parks will reopen after $24M renovation

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The parks are located across all five boroughs and will each debut on the first day of spring

Harlem’s MLK Park has undergone a $5.1 million renovation.
Department of Parks and Recreation via amNY.

The city’s Parks Department will kick off the first day of spring (which is tomorrow, believe it or not) by reopening five playgrounds— one in each borough— that have received a full renovation for a combined total of $23.9 million in capital investments, reports amNY.

Brownsville’s Hilltop Park, formerly known ad Saratoga Ballfields, benefitted from a $3 million revamp that resulted in new basketball courts and outdoor fitness equipment; the city fixed drainage issues at south Harlem’s MLK Park and fixed up two basketball courts as part of its $5.1 million upgrade; and Lyons Square in the Bronx now has ADA accessible equipment along with new bath as part of its $7.4 million renovation. In Queens, Grassmere Playground received $3.3 million worth cosmetic enhancements along with fitness equipment and Staten Island’s Arrorchar Playground has transformed an uninviting slab of asphalt into a true children’s playground.

The city will host ribbon-cutting ceremonies tomorrow at each of the parks to celebrate their spiffy new designs. Hopefully warm weather will follow so that community members can enjoy their neighborhood’s new additions.