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Will anyone ever buy this extravagant Mill Basin mansion?

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Like a real estate zombie, the over-the-top Brooklyn home is back

Via Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the lavish Mill Basin mansion at 2458 National Drive is still looking for a buyer and has just undergone yet another pricechop of epic proportions. Five years ago, it was asking $30 million; as of today, it’s back on the market with the much lower (relatively speaking, anyway) price tag of $13 million.

To recap the listing history briefly: It first hit the market in 2013 with a $30 million price tag; it was then pricechopped to $17 million; after briefly de-listing, it returned for $17 million (and came with an adjacent property); and then got discounted even further, to $12.5 million. Then, it reappeared last summer for $18 million, and was de-listed in January.

Which brings us to today, and the new listing, held by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. The firm is also listing 2387 56th Drive, the McMansion next door that was once offered as a “guest house” with the larger, more extravagant property.

Little has changed about the house other than the price tag; it’s still 14,000 square feet, and still has four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a six-car garage, meditation room, a pool, an outdoor pavilion with seating for 40, and more.

Noel Jeffrey is responsible for the design, which is very much Miami-meets-Brooklyn; maybe the … sixth time’s the charm?