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Allegations that Kushner Companies falsified DOB paperwork lead to AG scrutiny

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An investigation by a watchdog group uncovered falsified paperwork that it alleges led to the removal of rent-regulated tenants

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An investigation by the watchdog group Housing Rights Initiative that claims Kushner Companies falsified DOB paperwork, allowing the developer to raise rents and remove tenants from rent-regulated apartments, has attracted the attention of the New York Attorney General.

According to Bloomberg, AG Eric Schneiderman will meet with tenant representatives affected by the alleged tactics of Kushner Companies, the development company formerly headed up by senior White House advisor Jared Kushner.

To recap: In a report published by the Associated Press on Monday, HRI’s investigation found that Kushner Companies falsified documents for more than 80 Department of Buildings work permits at 34 of its properties. On those permits, the developer indicated that its buildings did not have rent-regulated apartments, when that was not the case. The permits uncovered by HRI were filed between 2013 and 2016, when Jared Kushner was still CEO of the company.

As AP noted, “Had the Kushner Cos. disclosed those rent-regulated tenants, it could have triggered stricter oversight of construction crews by the city, including possibly unscheduled “sweeps” on site by inspectors to keep the company from harassing tenants and getting them to leave.”

Kushner Companies, of course, maintains it’s acting above board. “If mistakes or typographical errors are identified, corrective action is taken immediately with no financial benefit to the company,” a spokeswoman for Kushner Companies said in a statement to Bloomberg. “Kushner Companies did not intentionally falsify DOB filings in an effort to harass any tenants.”