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NYC’s record tourism streak continued in 2017 with 62.8M visitors

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This marks the eighth consecutive year that the city witnessed record-breaking tourism

New York City’s tourism hot streak continues to go strong: Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with the city’s official destination organization NYC & Company, announced that in 2017, the city welcomed a record 62.8 million visitors—a 2.3 million increase over 2016’s visitor count and one million more than what was projected for last year. The new record also marks the eighth consecutive year for record-breaking tourism.

Last year, NYC & Company expected to see a dip in the number of international visitors in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel ban, however, tourism from international travel actually increased from 12.7 million visitors in 2016 to 13.1 million in 2017.

“Even with all the headwinds from the White House, we attracted a record number of visitors to our city,” declared Mayor de Blasio. “That’s a testament to the strength of our tourism sector and the values of our city.”

This year is expected to welcome even more visitors. Per NYC & Company, 2018 could see the numbers of visitors to the city balloon to an astounding 65.1 million.