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MTA launches new dashboard that tracks bus performance

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The dashboard tracks bus speeds and overall customer commute times

The MTA has launched a new online performance dashboard that tracks bus speeds and determines the time that commuters spend waiting for a bus to arrive in comparison to bus schedules (h/t Streetsblog).

The dashboard is part of the agency’s larger forthcoming bus action plan, and will rely on data collected from the dashboard to strategize improvements across the city’s nearly 250 bus routes. While it doesn’t give details for individual routes, as the annual bus report cards published by transit advocates does, the dashboard does give metrics for additional travel time due to delays, additional time spent waiting for a late bus to arrive, service delivered (or, the percentage of scheduled buses that are actually provided during peak hours), and how evenly buses are spaced.

“Good bus service is critical to millions of New Yorkers and this new dashboard gives both customers and MTA management a good idea of the service we have now and how to improve it,” said MTA Managing Director Veronique Hakim.

The data found on the dashboard can be filtered by borough, type of service (local, limited, Select Bus Service, etc.), and peak/off-peak hours. The dashboard is live on the MTA’s website and can be accessed here.