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Photos: New Yorkers braved the elements during yesterday’s snowstorm

New Yorkers took to Central Park to play in the snow during yesterday’s storm

Ah, glorious Central Park in glorious NYC spring! Children playing, puppies prancing, buds budding … and everything buried under several inches of wet-ass snow, thanks to Winter Storm Toby.

And while Toby might have been a bit of a blizzard that wasn’t, it did dump (or flutter down) snow in our area for at least 12 hours straight, shutting down schools, canceling flights, summoning the shovel army to duty, and, at times, blasting icy pellets into our collective face. (The total snowfall ended up around eight inches or so.)

But however unpleasant or inconvenient the nor’easter was for New Yorkers trying to go about their regular Wednesday—and be ready for vast, unnavigable slush rivers at the corners today—in Central Park it was all about peaceful strolls, goofing around, reckless sledding, and snow selfies.

Here’s a look at the afternoon from the area around Sheep Meadow, the Literary Walk, Bethesda Fountain, the Great Lawn, Pilgrim Hill, and Cedar Hill.