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Big reveal: $565K for a cute co-op in the heart of the East Village

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

There were a bevy of close guesses for yesterday’s Pricespotter apartment, but only one hit the nail on the head: Doug bananaboy got it right with his guess of $565,000, and “not penny more” because of the small square footage.

That was a sticking point with some commenters, who argued that the 801 SF touted in the listing was an overstatement. “At most, this is 565 square feet judging by the floor plan’s dimensions,” NYCSince1983 noted.

On to the apartment itself: It’s located at 120 Second Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place, so basically the ideal East Village spot. The brokerbabble calls this a “penthouse charmer”—so, it’s on the top floor—and alas, this is a walk-up building. The apartment has gotten some upgrades, including new kitchen appliances, baseboard heat, and new windows. But does that make it worth $565,000? Debate that in the comments.

Here’s the floorplan one more time: