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Transit app launches campaign urging officials to support congestion pricing

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Additionally, more than 80 local organizations have formed a coalition, urging state lawmakers to fund Fix NYC

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State officials have until April 1 to decide if they will incorporate a desperately needed action plan, called FixNYC, into its 2019 budget, that would allow for the implementation of congestion pricing as a way to both address gridlock that plagues the city’s streets and raise funds to repair the ailing subway system. Many transit advocates and local officials have backed with plan, including Mayor Bill de Blasio who was once a strong opponent of congestion pricing. And now, popular commuter-handy app Transit, along with dozens of local organizations, are throwing their support behind Fix NYC.

Transit, which gives real-time service updates and predictions that allow users to determine their best public transportation routes, recently launched a banner within the app that encourages folks to let local elected officials know why the Fix NYC congestion pricing plan is needed. The in-app webpage offers to connect those willing to enter their contact information with a legislator and let them know of their experiences with public transportation, in efforts to persuade officials to support funding for Fix NYC.

“With budget negotiations ongoing, now is the time for subway and bus riders to contact their state legislators about the Fix NYC plan,” said Transit app spokesperson, Stephen Miller.

Meanwhile, more than 80 different organizations— including transit groups, religious organizations, civil rights advocates, environmental leaders, business groups, labor unions, and more— formed a coalition of regional stakeholders to demand state lawmakers pass the Fix NYC plan and include it in the state budget.

“Our unlikely coalition reflects just how deeply the Fix NYC Plan resonates across the region,” said Alex Matthiessen, director of the Move NY Campaign. “Support is strong, broad, and unwavering. It is time Albany listened up and paid heed to the demands of New Yorkers for a solution to this traffic and transit crisis.”