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Open thread: Tell us your worst apartment stories

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From pest infestations to leaky plumbing


To live in New York is to be part of some kind of shared struggle. And while apartment issues like loss of heat or pest infestation might feel singular, they’re just about as common as that 20-minute wait for the R train during rush hour.

A new survey by Rentlogic, a standards organization that rates the quality of New York’s multi-family buildings, found that more than 75 percent of renters face problems in their apartments that can be abated by more scrupulous landlords, like plumbing and electrical issues.

In Rentlogic’s survey of 250 New York apartment dwellers—a small sample size, it should be noted—the organization found that 36 percent of those surveyed noted plumbing issues and leaks in their apartments, making it the most common issue reported. Pest infestation plagued 29 percent of those surveyed, while 28 percent of participants reported structural damage; 27 percent reported loss of heat; and 26 percent reported electrical issues.

With that, Curbed readers, we want to know: Are you someone whose experienced these apartment issues? How did that experience play out for you? Leave your stories in the comments. Though it may be a little disturbing to recall, remember you’re in the majority here.