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Ditmas Park home as seen on ‘Futurama’ seeks $2.2M

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Yes, really—this circa-1905 house is a little piece of cartoon history

Via Corcoran

When you’re trying to settle on a home to buy, there are lots of factors to consider: neighborhood , the quality of the nearby schools, potential future value—and, of course, whether the place has ever been featured on the beloved cartoon Futurama.

A lovely, circa 1905 Ditmas Park home recently hit the market for $2.195 million, and it checks off all of those boxes, in particular the last one; 516 Rugby Road was very literally the inspiration for the childhood home of Futurama’s Phillip J. Fry.

This listing for the seven-bedroom, three-bathroom home of course makes sure to note that it has all the essentials, including good lighting, a basement with “extraordinary ceiling height,” a garage, and “good bones.” There’s also a back porch, where you can hang out on nice summer days, and living room so large that you could land a Planet Express delivery ship in there and still have room for the rest of your furniture.

You can find space and eat-in kitchens in so many homes though, or at least in more than one currently on the market. No other house for sale in Brooklyn, though, can boast “the unexpected provenance of being inspiration for the home of Philip J. Fry, the star of Futurama!,” as the listing puts it.

And this isn’t just overselling from a broker: The fact was confirmed by Bklyner back in 2012, when Futurama writer Eric Kaplan told the site that the Fry’s house featured in the episode “Luck of the Fryish” was based on his Ditmas Park childhood home.

All you need to land this piece of cartoon history is approximately $2.2 million—and based on the fact that the home is still standing in the ruins of Old New York in the year 3002, that thing about “good bones” might not just be big talk from the broker.