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Trio of 19th century Federal rowhouses on the Lower East Side bite the dust

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A seven-story condo with an art gallery at the base will rise in place of the row houses

Rendering courtesy Peterson Rich Office

A trio of Federal rowhouses on Grand Street on the Lower East Side that dated back to the 1820s are gone for good; demolition work has wrapped up on the buildings located at 282-286 Grand Street, Bowery Boogie reports.

In their place will rise a seven-story condo building that’s being developed by a local art gallery owner. The project was first announced just over a year ago after the developer received the go ahead from the city’s Department of Buildings to demolish the structures.

The architect on the project, Peterson Rich Office (PRO) evaluated the existing structures but found that they had deteriorated beyond repair. The condo building that will now rise on the grave of the rowhouses will have 22 apartments—20 one-bedroom units, and two penthouses, and the former will measure about 550 square feet, on average.

The base of the condo will have an art gallery. The project is slated for completion this fall, according to Bowery Boogie.