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Free bus service to LaGuardia Airport returns for spring break

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Free bus service on the LaGuardia Link Q70 will remain in effect from March 29 to April 7

Amy Plitt.

Free bus service on the LaGuardia Link Q70 is returning for a second time year, the Port Authority announced on Wednesday. Starting tomorrow, the bus will offer free non-stop service between Terminals B, C, and D at LaGuardia Airport and the subway and LIRR transit hubs in Jackson Heights and Woodside.

This time around, the free service is being offered during spring break for New York City Schools. The Port Authority anticipates that 825,000 people will travel through LaGuardia Airport between March 29 and April 7. The airport will also offer one hour of free parking during this same period.

Earlier this year, the Port Authority decided to provide free service during Presidents Day weekend, and it also did so last Thanksgiving weekend. The modernization of LaGuardia Airport has led to much longer commute times, and the Port Authority is hoping to alleviate at least some of that congestion through the free service.

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