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New NYC subway chief will take your questions on Twitter

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What could possibly go wrong?

The seemingly never-ending issues with the subway system, and the often frustrating lack of communication around those, have led many commuters to vent their anger on Twitter (this editor included). The chorus of angry commuters’ voices has gotten to the point where the MTA—including chairman Joe Lhota—has taken notice.

Now, New York City Transit head Andy Byford plans to meet those angry commuters where they live (or, uh, tweet): Today, he’ll do a live Twitter Q&A session beginning at 10:30 a.m., fielding questions until noon. During that time, he’ll be manning the @NYCTSubway account, and anyone who wants to ask a question can do so using the hashtag #AskNYCT.

Byford has, in the few months he’s been heading up NYCT, shown that he’s interested in and willing to listen to commuters’ concerns (and he actually rides the subway, which is something). According to the MTA, Byford wants to make the chats a regular occurrence—this one will focus on subways, and future ones will be about buses and Access-a-Ride service.

Still, whether this Twitter chat will make him feel more connected to riders (and vice versa), or whether it’ll go horribly wrong, remains to be seen. Tune in at 10:30 a.m. to check it out.