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An aerial gondola connecting Manhattan to Governors Island may be in the works

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It’s not the first time it’s been proposed

Iwan Baan/Courtesy West8

A plan to create an aerial gondola between Manhattan and Governors Island might be in the works, Crain’s reports. Though the city has declined to comment on the matter, Crain’s has learned from its sources that the city’s Economic Development Corporation has hired engineering firm AECOM to study the feasibility of building an aerial gondola that would connect the two islands.

It’s not the first time such an idea has been proposed; Architect Santiago Calatrava came up with the same idea more than a decade ago, but that project never came to fruition. This latest revelation follows news that the trust managing Governors Island is looking to rezone it to allow for more development, and potential year round programming.

Crain’s posits that the gondola study might be in anticipation of the changes that will come to the island once the rezoning proposal is approved. Both AECOM and trust managing the island declined to issue Crain’s a comment. Curbed has reached out to EDC to learn more, and will update this story accordingly.