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Brooklyn’s long-delayed Bossert Hotel faces another setback

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Developers are now hoping to have the hotel up and running by this summer

The long-delayed debut of Brooklyn Heights’s storied old lodging, Bossert Hotel, which is currently in the process of being restored and rebranded, has been stalled yet again.

This comes as no surprise, given that the project was supposed to be complete five years ago, but when we last checked in, developers David Bistricer and Joseph Chetrit were confident that the hotel would finally open in October 2016 (obviously, that didn’t happen).

Per the Brooklyn Paper, Portuguese firm Fën Hotels, who was slated to operate the hotel under the guise Esplendor Brooklyn, is no longer affiliated with the project, leaving developers on the hunt for a new firm to take their place. It’s unclear who will fill the gap, but Stephen Allen, who is managing the restoration project under Bistricer told the Brooklyn Paper that they are “kind of in the middle of negotiations.”

Part of the reason why the project is so far off schedule is that restoring the Italian Renaissance-style building has proven to be more difficult than anticipated. “The restoration of the hotel’s architectural grandeur has proved to be a tremendous amount of work,” said Allen to BP. “All the new technology is designed to be hidden, and if it’s not hidden, it has to complement the elegant details.”

Once the project is complete, it will boasts 280 rooms, a rooftop bar, and a restaurant on the ground level. Developers are aiming to finally get the hotel open by this summer.