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NYC faces another nor’easter that could bring up to 10 inches of snow

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Just when you thought winter was on its way out the door

New Yorkers Brave Messy Winter Storm Commute Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City is slated to get hit with yet another nor’easter and if you thought last week’s storm was rough, forecasters are predicting that this one could be shaping up to be worse.

According to the National Weather Service, precipitation is expected to begin around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night and pick up on Wednesday morning, with the potential for six to ten inches of snow. A winter storm warning will be in effect from tonight at 10 p.m. until Thursday morning at 4 a.m.

Of course, there’s no telling just how bad this storm will be: As the New York Times notes, “meteorologists were unable to pin down where exactly the rain would turn into snow” leaving some room to believe that it might not be all that terrible.

City agencies have announced on various social media pages, including the Office of Emergency Management, that a storm warning has been issued across the five boroughs, however, no major changes have been announced for public transportation so far and as it stands, flights are still on track (though that is subject to change in the event that conditions get extreme).

Both Governor Andrew Cuomo and the city’s Office of Emergency Management has issued advisories urging New Yorkers to keep an eye for for potentially dangerous traveling conditions, or better yet— stay off the roads.

The Department of Transportation has suspended alternate side parking rules but parking meters and all other regulations remain in effect.

We’ll keep you posted as information becomes available, but in the mean time, start planning for a snow day.