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See subway delays visualized in real time on this new map

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It’s a more realistic look at subway delays

A “Real MTA” map for today’s commute.
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Given the daily struggle commuters have with New York’s crumbling subway system, there are surely plenty of people who dream of making all of MTA’s delays and disruptions disappear. Good news: there’s now a website that does just that (well, kind of).

Thanks to developer Eric Markfield from Unfounded Labs, New Yorkers can now consult the Real MTA map to see precisely which subway lines are affected by delays—or rather, which ones aren’t. The website features a near carbon copy of the MTA’s subway map, but it removes each line that’s currently experiencing delays, planned work, or service disruptions. What’s left is a network that’s far less expansive, but more accurate in real time for commuters.

The site also makes it easy to see what, exactly, is happening to the lines that are experiencing problems. The side panel lets you to click on each hidden line, taking you directly to the MTA Service Status report for those trains.

The map itself refreshes every few minutes, but you can also follow the map’s Twitter, @realmtainfo, which posts an image of the Real MTA map twice a day.